Grandmother's Treat

Two days being spent in Sheffield with #1 daughter, her husband and my grandson. I just have to blip him, I want to record him here, even though I see such great shots of him in Rachel's journal.

At 20 weeks Daniel is sitting up here on the settee with his great-grandmother and I, such a change from last time we were here. He's at that dribbly stage where his clothes are constantly wet, I remember it well from having my own 2. I've been allowed unlimited cuddling time! Well, only limited by the time he'll stay with me without crying.

Compared to seeing the family, it is only of minor interest that I have become an iphone owner today. I'm told I have internet connection, I have all my itunes music and I may even have apps! I'll ask about that in the morning but for now, as I settle down to sleep away from home I'm just glad it shows me the time nice and big!

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