Life is a Minestrone !!

By bererunner

Great Spotted Woodpecker

While we were away last week, we would see a Green Woodpecker whizzing past the cabin three or four times a day. If we managed to follow him with the binoculars, we would usually catch him moving small to medium sized stones and eating any insect that may have been living or sheltering under the stones. We only got a glimpse of a Great Spotted Woodpecker once.
The last time we saw a GSW at home before our holiday was probably around 2 months ago.
Since we got back last Saturday afternoon, the GSW has been to the feeders in the front garden 4 or 5 times per day, so considering how wary they are, i consider that a real treat.
Talking of treats, while i was waiting for him to show this morning, the Goldcrest turned up, collecting moss from the garden, must be relining his nest.

So today's blip is a Great Spotted Woodpecker.........

Can be viewed large here.


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