Life is a Minestrone !!

By bererunner

Coal Tit.......

After seeing these little stunners flitting on and off the feeders over the last couple of years, i thought it was time to add the Coal Tit to my "Blipped List"..........

Larger view.

I hadn't actually realised how dainty they are, certainly smaller than their cousins the Blue Tit, but still a lot bigger than the Gold and Fire Crests.

There's been a similar looking and sized bird sharing the feeder with the other tits this week, i was certain it was a Blackcap, but having seen the Blackcap blipped by MinBannister earlier this week, i'm now certain the bird i've been seeing is actually a Willow Tit.

Since getting back from Exmoor at the weekend i'm begining to realise just how lucky i am to have such a wide variety of birds visiting my garden. The extra trees i planted 3 years ago have all become established and go from strength to strength, as do the shrubs that have been added over the last 7 or 8 years. It's like a small woodland.

Patience and perseverence are paying dividends, just sitting quietly watching the plants, there's always something to see. Earlier this morning a Gold Crest was drinking from the side of the waterfall by the pond, just stunning throught the binoculars.

Hope you're all well..........

Have a good day..........


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