Alt Double Decker

The Venga Art Bus stopped off with us today.

This travelling gallery tours the whole of Scotland with various exhibitions, this one being an interesting mix with a new media bent (co-sponsored by alt-w who, I think, have ties with Blipfoto). Being a converted double-decker bus means it can only hold a few people at a time but this allows the gallery curators to give detailed background on the exhibits to a captive audience. The slight rocking motion as people move around combined with there being no windows did begin to give some a slight seasickness though.

There were a lot of interesting and diverse pieces on show and it seemed to generate a nice buzz amongst the students who engaged and asked questions about the works. Either that or they saw this as a great distraction that kept them out of going back to class and doing some proper work.

More info on the gallery is on their own website and if it does come to a bus stop near you I'd recommend a wee visit.


A big thanks to blipfoto central for pulling together a press release on my 1000th entry recently; just seen a nice 2 page spread in the local paper who picked it up - well chuffed, pics soon...

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