Can you Dig More of it?

So I get home late-ish to find out that we've a wee visit in the form of Nogard, the class stuffed dragon. Nogard is visiting all the primary ones to stay for the night where you write stories, take pictures, that sort of thing. Bethany, from her bed, remembered that when Ewan had George the monkey (for a weekend) we did a film which he took in for the rest of the class to see.

I couldn't really say no. What ensued was a bit of hash dash flurry of stuffed toys, paper drawn fire and lego barbeques. Had to then throw it together and DVD it before my bedtime. I don't think we'll win any oscars but we managed it.


Notes on the Picture...
Can I get away with variations of the same blip. I think the easiest way to get around it is to claim a theme.

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