David the Dapper Bus Driver...

If you're ever find yourself in a rutt with a lack of blip-speration, one sure fire solution is to change the routine. I normally cycle into work now but today I was in a situation where I had to get the bus.

Bus turns up and boom, blip sorted. Not only was my transport the Spacebus Coach-terprise (Stagecoach's new fleet coaches with leather seats, neon lighting and wifi) but it was bring driven by David the Dapper Driver. I don't think that's his official title but I felt it very apt in his case. He was kitted out in full suit uniform including conductor badge and a rather blingin' hat. Terribly nice felly to boot.

Thanks fire the photo David.

On another bus related note. If you're in Edinburgh, puerto an eye out for the newish maroon single deckers with the electronic displays art the front. They're sporting some brilliant messages in the displays. I saw one this morning that said, "I'm heading home, see you tomorrow." and my favorite so far, "Choo choo, I'm a train."

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