What Captures My Interest

By Erikalv

Sporty Red

For someone that's not into cars sure has been taking several pictures of them. I think I just realized (well I already knew) that I definitely like classics (that's for sure) and I also like certain sexy sporty cars (it depends).

I have no idea what kind of car this is....I was driving and stopped in traffic and took this picture. Not completely my cup of tea and I wouldn't complain if I had it. Now Tessa...that's another story. She loved it (well she's 19)! She just bought her first car and started way in the bottom lol.....a 1999 Nissan Sentra (really cute) and within her budget of what she saved up.

On another note.....I've been blipping late for the last two days only because I've been very busy and tired....really tired. I'm trying real hard not to skip a day because Ms Perfection (that's me) would not be a happy camper if I did.

DWD....can't get any redder :)

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