is near our apartment and it was adamant to visit it. So yesterday Mischa and I decided to go there this morning. I woke up early but slept on because of the rain and when Mischa later said to me in an ironic tone: Let's go to the bluebell forest, I laughed but one hour later the sky cleared up a bit and warmly clothed we set of to the Ockenburgh park where in the farrest corner the bluebells grow.
We entered fairy tale land! The paths through the forest go up and down and everywhere the bluebells purple and some white too between the green.
We saw some little frogs, butterflies, humblebees and lady-birds and more little creatures. The birds sang with gusto. With oh's and ah's we walked slowly, the sun obliged us for a while and cheered up we went home again.
My picture is the humble bee on comfrey flowers.
Tonight we will attend the literary evening of Extaze, the new literary magazine, with poems recited, short stories read and music played.

My haiku:

Bluebells around us
They cover for a short time
Only the dark earth

And the proverb from Cowper:

God made the country and man made the town.

My haiku:

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