sombre and went sunnier in the afternoon.
Piet Hein and I, we had a long celebration day with (very old time) friends, organised by two of them who live in Rotterdam. Where we came together had coffee and lunch and from there we went to Schiedam, all 24 of us, and made a tour in a boat upon the canals (rondvaartboottrip) and visited the Jenever museum with an interesting explanation by a guide.
Back to Rotterdam but then the sun was shining and we sat in the garden and talked and talked. Then a dinner in a restaurant on the shore of the river Rotte. And after twelve we came home. A long long nice and friendly day.
But my blip I made when we were waiting for the Randstadrail in the morning that brought us to our dear friends Marianne and Ko which whom we drove in their car to Rotterdam.

My haiku:

Keep together quiet
But be careful all the time
Before long big you be

And the proverb:

Promises may get friends, but performances must keep them.

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