Today I Mainly Saw Red.

We were awfully busy today. And that meant mistakes and fixing them and making other mistakes and fixing them and then finally deciding "enough is enough".

So, late home to discover it had been a pretty crappy day here too. So if you don't mind, we're off out now for something to eat. Pretty flower though.

Yesterday's Song-In-German was For What It's Worth. Today's goes like this :-

Wenn du spielen möchtest, ich sage dir "ich bin der Richtige"
Du gewinnst etwas, verlierst etwas, es ist mir egal
Der Spaß ist spielen, es ist egal was du sagst
Ich teile nicht deine Gier
Die einzige Karte, die ich brauche, ist...
Das Pik Ass
Das Pik Ass

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