Truman Track

The chorus of our native birds, the sun shining on the Tasman Sea below us and the freshness of the surrounding bush - so beautiful and a great way to enjoy our breakfast.

After breakfast we put on our tramping boots, doned our jackets and headed out with camera in hand. The air was fresh after some overnight rain, the bush was lush and a little soft under foot. We took the easy coastal Truman Track, a walk through unspoiled sub-tropical forest where podocarp and rata trees tower above thickets of vines and nikau palms. The track emerges on the coastline with cliffs, caverns, a blowhole and a small waterfall. There was still plenty of swell from the sea with the odd 'whoosh' crashing onto the
rocks and the odd big wave nearly catching us out as the tide was coming in. The colours, lines and textures of the cliffs were spectacular. We lingered for a short while but not to long - I'm not one to be scrambling up a cliff face with an incoming surging sea biting my ankles!

The weather then proceeded to pack in, rain pelted down and low cloud hung round the mountains as we headed back to our little cottage. After some warming food we took a drive to the Motukiekie Rocks, where I captured some moody shots of the rocks appearing out of the mist and crashing waves upon the beach.

Our evening was spent at the local tavern, full of character, good food and friendly service. All was well until the biggest electrical storm I have ever experienced hit this small town. The thunder was so loud as it crashed through the sky, lightening forks looked evil in the darkness and sheet lightening lit everything up. We drove back to our little cottage nestled amongst the bush and looked out over the Tasman Sea, we could see it all and it wouldn't let up, through out the whole night the rain pelted on our tin roof, the thunder made our little cottage shake and the sheet lightening was ever so bright - I was ever so pleased when it finally subsided about 4am.

Ended up being quite a dramatic day for Day Six of our West Coast adventure.

I like this one in large, clearly showing the colours and textures of the cliff.

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