By Jaxter46

Autumn leaves

Thank god its Thursday, no more work until Monday.

I'm absolutley shattered this week for some reason, hope I'm not coming down with something. Mike has had man flu all week, coughing and sniffing all over the place.

Been to college tonight on my photography course, managed to redo all the work I lost because of the corrupt pen drive. Tonight I learned about using the camera in manual mode and using iso, fstops and exposure correctly. I've been practising and experimenting for the past year and it was good tonight to have what I've been doing explained properly, a lot of things fell into place in my mind.

Got home and found to my dismay that I'd only gone and lost the new bluddy pen drive in between college and home. Luckily I've got it backed up.

Other news, Paul didn't get to Jordan, he's now in Marrakesh. Not sure why he's there but all is ok.

Sorry for my lack of commenting lately I will try and catch up, there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day at the mo.

Hope all is well with you all x x

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