Farranamanagh bridge

A glorious day - sunshine, a bit of warmth crazy colours. And no commitments. The history booklet has gone off to the printers and Friday is a no work day, so camera in hand I headed off for an appointment with some alpacas. My friend would like a card or postcard of them which she can offer for sale along with all sorts of other interesting things - fresh eggs, compost, a large variety of plants and lots of preserves including a fiendishly good fig and quince chutney. I was allowed to go in the with alpapcas. They were not overly impressed but tolerated me - they are hilarious with thick auburn wool, sticky out teeth and huge eyelashed eyes.
I was mesmerised by the landscape even more than the beasts. This old bridge made of huge slabs, surely flung down by some giant, spans the fresh water from the lake as it goes into the sea. The colours were amazing.
I then went in search of a standing stone - this involved a slight trespass but annoyingly I couldn't get very close. I did walk down the most beautiful boreen though which had been casually planted with bluebells, calendula, red clover and buttercups. Above me was a heronry.
The forecast for tomorrow looks promising too so a day out might be on the cards. Have a good weekend wherever you are.

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