By kamerakazi

Tokyo Parks

Living in this huge city, it is sometimes necessary to escape the concrete jungle and crowds to maintain sanity. This is why it is nice that Tokyo has some of the best parks.

For example, the grounds are clean, no litter (there are no garbage pails in Tokyo, so you take out what you take in), and no scary characters to worry about. People here really care for their city and their parks.

This park is Inokashira Park in Kichijoji, my town, and it has two zoos, a huge pond and a river, and many trees. Living in the park, you can see wild ducks, turtles, koi, storks, snakes, tanuki, pal-civet cats, etc. All of this in downtown Tokyo!

It can get crowded during hanami season, but usually you can easily relax, refresh and recharge here before heading back into the city. And remember, this park is surrounded by neon lights and crowds of people, so it is hard to believe that you are in Tokyo, when you are in this park.

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