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The sun came out part 2

Since I took this photo on 27 April the front garden has gained a few more tubs

We've been out this evening dining on a steam train. We are fortunate to live near the Watercress Line. The line runs from Alresford to Alton (10 miles) so in order for there to be sufficient time to feed us 5 courses we have travelled from Alresford - Alton - Alresford - Alton - Alresford

While we were doing that journey the Real Ale Train was doing the same journey in reverse. We kept passing each other and as they were consuming large quantities of ale they were getting more inebriated as the night went on. The cheer as we passed got louder and louder.

The evening had been organised by our good friends Allan and Sue. Thank you very much for a very enjoyable evening.

PS Might be nice large

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