Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Late tonight to post this... I know, I could wait and backblip, but tomorrow looks just as busy as today......(work party at the rowing club, condo safety meeting, much traffic and detours doing errands, trouble hooking up H's new computer..etc etc)

Tonight we babysat the grandsons while their parents had a night out. After dinner we went to the great park nearby to ride bikes and play. Oskar has a new bike now that he doesn't need training wheels -yea! There are some fine climbing trees there, so I think it's time for Niklas to have a blip. Climbing trees was one of the very memorable parts of my childhood and I almost felt like going up after them... We rode/walked to get a milkshake nearby and then watched "Captain America" - it was a lot better than some movies I've seen with those 2 :-)
Good night. Tomorrow I will try to catch up with you - and the nice comments on my blipday today--thank you!! I'm inching toward trying a real SP someday :-)

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