Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Self Portrait

It's really hard to believe 2 years have gone by with a blip all but one day. For past blipdays, I have often made a mosaic so I can see my life at a glance and perhaps detect any patterns. Alas they are always eclectic, a little of this, a little of that. It IS first and foremost, a daily journal - Made a book of year #1 and really love seeing what was happening when, how often we had grandchildren, how many pictures have water in them, or wildlife, or cityscapes. But I thought I might try something different this time - a SP! Only I kind of chickened out --but here are my hands,(still a kind of SP, right?) an important part of me who likes to make all sorts of arty things. But a mosaic because I do feel fractured into different parts. I am so lucky to live near water - this is Lake Union today (where we had a fine row this morning - with a bit of a chop from a north breeze.). If I had been at our cabin in the Gulf Islands, I would have blipped the Salish Sea. And the grandkids and H are there because they are a big part of the mosaic too.
I have no plans to stop blipping. Sometimes I am sorry I'm not a more regular commenter. I do feel like I "lurk about" in many journals without anyone knowing I've been there. I'm not a big talker or a writer. I love seeing the world this way. I prefer to take a look at the random blips rather than the spotlight. And I do always really appreciate anyone who stops by and the folks who put this together! Thank you!

here are the other mosaics.




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