Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

3 years!

For the first time I woke to a blip birthday without a clue of what I wanted to blip. It had to have water and "3". Nothing really clicked or worked today---we had errands in bad traffic not anywhere near water here you get Lake Union across the street from our condo.---with the fancy houseboats in the back. And a watery "3". And a SP of sorts, with my favorite color shirt and dark glasses. It will have to do.

I do love this photo journal. I love seeing and remembering what happened on this day last year and the year before. I love seeing the grandchildren growing. I love seeing so many other parts of the world and reading some great stories. I love seeing such great photos and learning about the processes. I am astonished I could keep it up every day but one for 3 years. My husband says he can't remember 'Pre-blip". Should I be worried about his usually really good memory?

But here's the thing. When I was recently reading the fascinating book for our book club this month Edmund De Waal, "the Hare with Amber Eyes..... see HERE..... , on page 173, this sentence jumped right out at me! (The author was doing research on his family and states:) "My time management skills are seriously awry." YES I thought, so are mine. Seriously awry. !! I have many art and other projects that aren't getting done. MY stack and lists of books I have to read are getting longer. Something needs fixing. SO...... I hearby resolve to take some blip breaks to do some other works. I will do Faces of Fiona to 100 (I'm on #85 I think) and I will not hesitate to backblip and record family events and wildlife and hopefully have time to learn even more about how to use my camera more artfully. I'm not a good social network people person - I could easily be a hermit. It's hard to balance everything. And it's definitely not all blipfoto"s fault....So that's the plan....some breaks here and there. It's good timing as we are heading for the island next week and the internet is unreliable and limited there. I'll probably not be able to resist looking but I might comment less (if that's possible!) :-) Just know I really do appreciate anyone stopping by - and will keep in touch --but less... We'll see how this goes.

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