Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Little Patti

Backblipped on 13th May 2012

I've been delighted by how well Hypatia has settled in. From the moment she arrived, she's been absolutely brilliant.

I made the decision on Saturday night, when I brought her home, to put her straight in to the girls' cage, which turned out to be a good plan. Since she was on her own I wanted her to have company straight away, but didn't want to take anyone else out of the cage. As it turns out, Scordatura (who we call Scor) took her "under her wing" from the off, and they've been best friends ever since.

So here IS little Patti. Beautiful little rattess, and just lovely! She's really special, and so gorgeous and friendly! :-) A wonderful addition to the family!

Today was an odd one. I worked hard at home, sorting and clearing and so on. I bravely phoned the Open University study support in an attempt to clear up the mess of deadlines and so on, and I went swimming again.

The evening was a stressful one. The Wonderspouse phoned his dad to discover that the latest on his mum is that she now (having just gone into remission from lung cancer) has a brain tumour.

Not good. :-(

Smudge was also not feeling good. She had her supper and was promptly sick on the carpet. She was also very subdued. We worried.

Not really the start to the week that I'd hoped for.

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