Hat's Off to Supper Club Chefs

We did it. After a day's hard work, we managed to recreate 10 of the dishes we learnt on our holiday in Kerala for our 12 guests.

It's been fun, perfecting our techniques and sourcing some of the ingredients (here you can see the baby aubergines, drumsticks (the long ridged vegetables), okra and at the top, snake gourd. We saw the snake gourds growing at least 5 feet long in India.

Despite all the prep, when our guests arrived we weren't exactly ready. Guest pitched in to help get the last tasks done. Today, however, I found the stack of chappatis we were supposed to be eating.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their Taste of Kerala and are wondering where we are going next so we can cook them something new.

I honestly don't know how supper club chefs, such as my friend who runs My Home Supperclub to feed this many on a regular basis, today I am exhausted.

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