A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins


Evening all.

This is the house blip choice today.

I wanted to go with the odd looking squirrel with the flexible groin and insane centre of gravity that was dismantling the bird feeder with paws,feet and god knows what else.

I was over-ruled on the grounds of cuteness, the squirrel, not me that is.

Yesterdays birthday celebrations were stopped for 10 minutes whilst we watched the minature tiger stalk one of the squrrels through the undergrowth,step by step, inch by torturous inch, 50ft, 40ft,30ft,10ft,5ft, closer,closer, ever closer until she was ready to pounce......

it was just like having a private screening of 'wildlife on one' or the best seats on a backyard safari.....

and yes, of course she missed it!

Night all

Nine Inch Nails

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