A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

If It Kills Me

Morning all,

An early morning blip for me today. Got a bit of spare time this morning ( about 15 minutes if i'm honest, but hey,its something!) So i'm trying to play catch up and view all the photos i've missed over the last couple of days, and try and post some of the photos which are rotting on my camera's sd card.

This is a blip of a slightly inebriated bee which we found languishing in the bottom of an almost empty glass of red wine this morning when we got up.

You know you've had a good night when you can hear hugely amplified buzzing coming out of drinking vessels and you just accept it as a normal part of a hangover!!

We rescued the bee and revived it with a judiciously placed sugar cube dipped in lemonade, which had the required curative effect, in fact it was like feeding a group of five year olds handfuls of blue smarties!!!!

So the now hyper bee has left us, but i suspect we should brace for a swarm this afternoon, i mean, free alcohol and free sugar.....

i'd mud wrestle my own grandmother for that sort of boon, wouldn't you!!!!


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