By irunlykagirl


so far this month has ben busy. Whilst it is hard to believe our average temps are above the norm with all the rain we've had - it's easy to accept this months rainfall: 198.4mm captured - that's about 32mm over the past record of 156mm in 2010.... the long term average is usually a mere 73mm ...i can imagine those who planned outdoor activities so far this month have been caught with wet feet.

The upside to all this water has been my little patch of garden - like the cactus (circa 2005) which has started to flower. The corn, tomato & chilli are growing taller (not a lot of flowers to produce much more than leaves).  

There is one small issue of the radish leaves missing. They were there about 2 days ago - but today gone. Not one leaf remains - which i think means i won't be getting a crop of those this season (I assume leaves are needed for the photosynthesis & nutrient production of some sort - and that kids, is why you need to do science)

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