Sloane Square

My camera died just before I tried to take my first photo of the day this evening - so had to rely on my phone instead.

Went to Cadogan Hall with my boss this evening, to see Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. Most of my friends and family (other than my Mum) think I have very strange taste, but I don't care - I loved it, and it made me feel all Christmassy!  Had a nice time hanging out with my boss (she always hates it when I call her that - we've worked together for almost 14 years and are definitely friends as well as colleagues). We went for a nice meal at Côte first, then kept ourselves topped up with prosecco at the venue.  Lovely evening!

Got back to Blackheath just before 11, and Tim meet me from the station again.  I must stop making him come out so late at night! :) 

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