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By delphwynd

Tonight I'm Going to Party... it's nineteen nineteen nine.

But... It's not really.

I've posted lots of images. Lots and lots. All consecutively. Quite proud of that too. No, in fact, really proud of that. And I've watched, enviously, and hugely impressed by, others that have achieved similar on here over the five years plus I've been on here. But, this week, that's all been thrown up in the air as part of the 'improvements' to blipfoto, and it turns out that anyone that posts a blip then posts another 1998 photos up to that first blip will be up here with me and will leapfrog anyone that has spent those five years and a bit doing the same. Doesn't seem fair in the slightest that, and makes want to go 'fuck it, what was the point of all that?'

But, I'm ever so better than that. I'll swallow that down and I'll post on. Only because I really appreciate hugely everything Joe and Blipfoto have done, and I'm in no position to dictate otherwise. But, I'm ever so slightly miffed over it all.

Black Friday survived with the help of the usual suspects, and even managed to coax the local Chinese Take Away staff to pose for a quick snap before they handed over my Beef, Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce.

Be back tomorrow for blip 2000, or 1998, or whatever it is.

Kudos on the jumpers by the way. And the Beef, etc. was the dog's bollocks too. Well, not literally. Hopefully.

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