The Beaver bar!!!!

Maxim's new bar, I had a delicious dinner there and drinks with everyone, I HAD a to tell them what BEAVER means, and from then on the night was full of beaver/merkin jokes!  I looked up the reason why a ladies privates are sometimes called Beaver and it's actually after a beaver pelt merkin, fashionable between the 17th and 19th centuries!!!! Anyway we think Maxim should set up a merkin shop area in the club ;)
Then it was on to Trend Bar for the show and what a show it was!!!  I have sung there before and it was lovely to see old friends again!
A fan called Anna came along and was so lovely, gave me a Russian doll and a fridge magnet from Novosibirsk.
I haven't stopped singing and laughing and hugging and kissing people for hours!!!!
At 5 after packing Ekaterina and her boyfriend Kosta took me to the airport, I wish they didn't live so far away!!!
So I'm in the airport now waiting for my 7am flight to Moscow......

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