Backstage with Maxim and Rita

A wonderful day! Maxim has booked me many times and I just love him, he also booked Rita this time to play at the same club who has been my friend for over 20 years, lovely Ekaterina is also here, I got to know her last time I was here and so it's not like work, I'm with friends.
Long soundcheck, dinner with Max and Ekaterina, time to get ready and then show time, my set went down really well and then Rita and I sang some 70s disco classics together and then she did her set, great as ever.
Then off to a club called Black Milk for dinner and champagne, Rita left at 4am for the airport and I danced and sang and laughed with everyone until about 7. We even staged a wedding between a couple who were flirting with each other, so funny.

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