Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Winter Solstice in the PNW

The shortest day of the year.   It’s also our 51st wedding anniversary so I thought I would blip something about that.  But we decided the water looked too good, it was not raining or even mizzling and it was warm, so why not go for a row?  Late-  as is our style.  It was perfect.  We saw no boats under power for an hour, until it was time to head back to the rowing club dock when the Thomas G. Thompson honked its horn (we knew it was something big!) for the bridge to rise right after we came under.  Well, this was a great spot to take a photo, probably not to be repeated, so it needed to be the blip.  H and I look like we look, (will put on flickr)…Also it shows the daylight in the Pacific Northwest this time of year for the blip light thing… (better here than many of the recent days!- the sun came out a bit later…)  the “tommy thompson" is a well loved University of Washington oceanography research vessel taking students out to sea to measure all kinds of things.   I think it costs $34,000 per day to do that.  I’ve blipped it before but hesitate to do the link since I haven’t gotten them to work…

Rest of our day:  we sent the kids and families off to holiday productions -the boys’ family to A Christmas Carol and the girls’ to The Nutcracker (Fiona’s first ballet!) while we stayed in and did cards and stuff and then went out early to a favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant to sit at the bar and have my favorite -smoked mussels, and some prosecco, of course. And an affogato.(espresso over gelato)  Quite nice!  :-)  We are 2 lucky people to have found each other when we were just “kids”….Next year maybe I’ll blip us.    there are a few on flickr  (I can't seem to make a link work, what am I doing different?)

Edit:  OK thank you Pixelfoto - got the links to work!

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