Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Our 52nd Anniversary

Had a lovely long coffee with a good friend this morning and then Fiona was here for part of the day ( so Dad could work) -she was out of sorts -not feeling well- but managed some races with the Swedish figures, an easel Xmas painting, a few books and lots of time on the couch with her iPad games. (Not her usual self) A few errands and then we had to sit quietly for a short time before walking up to our favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant to sit at the bar and have a glass of prosecco and smoked mussels (tuna for H) to celebrate 52 good years together on this the solstice, shortest day of the year...Well we were a bit late ( 5:45) and there were only 2 separate seats at the 11 seat bar... The lovely people rearranged themselves for us to sit together and we found ourselves between 2 very nice ( also "senior" )couples . One was from the neighborhood, he from Yorkshire, she from Finland, celebrating their 47th anniversary today! We had a lovely time and ended up for coffee at their place nearby in the neighborhood .. Never too late to make some new friends!
The tattoo belongs to the very attentive bartender who filled our glass a bit on the house.....

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