Daring Parachutist from 1906

Very windy day today.  Took refuge in Haworth Cemetery!
It's surprising what you can find in cemeteries....
This gravestone commemorates Lily Cove - a young woman who made a name for herself by being a daredevil parachutist in the days before aeroplanes were invented. She was born in London and travelled the country with “Captain Bidmead and His Amazing Hot Air Balloon” and would take off into the air in a harness strapped below the balloon.  She was fearless and wore outrageous clothes for her time often being seen in bloomers or frilly long knickers which she wore under her skirt which she discarded just before she took off into the air. When the Balloon reached 1,000 feet or so she would pull a lever and detach herself from the balloon and parachute to the ground. Her exploits we were so daring that questions were asked in Parliament. Should a young lady be allowed to do something so dangerous? Surely a law ought to be passed to prevent it?
Unfortunately at the 1906 Haworth Gala she got into trouble and somehow became separated from her parachute and hit the ground, dying shortly after.
There's a bit more history here.

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