Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas


Well, it looks like I won't take a break in the end. Blipfoto means too much to me, has been too much of a help at a time of great crisis and I guess I now suffer from a touch of OCD which makes the thought of a gap in my journal a bit unsettling...

So, even if I can't be said to embrace the changes, at least I'll try and accept them, concentrating on the positive aspects: I can still post a photo and write up a day, the quality of the photos itself seems to have ameliorated, I can still - actually, better than a few days ago! - post and answer comments on my and other journals.

Sure, I still miss the thumbnailing, still don't like the white background - even with my screen brightness turned low. But I'm slowly realising that, mainly, what I didn't like was that it was new. I am said to be a highly adaptable person, but I am not an absolutely adaptable person, or at least not an immediately adaptable person. I need time to process, to get past the initial shock.

It's true with most things in my life. It has gone through so many changes and shocks (both mild and severe, up and down) in the last year and a half (beginning at approximately the same time I started this journal, actually), and I have endured, absorbed the shocks, walked and lived on. It's strange how, in these circumstances, it's the little things that rattle you the most.

Tell you the truth, I nearly had a sense of grief when I discovered the new template, as if I'd lost a meaningful part of my life, and it had been replaced with an ersatz. It was a bit like when you lose a pet and someone immediately offers you a new puppy or kitten to replace your old companion and you think you'll never like them as much as you did your lost animal. But then you find yourself laughing at their antics in spite of yourself, and a sense of companionship, of thankfulness even for helping you through the grief you're experiencing, instills itself.

Well, I'm feeling like this, now: the enhanced quality of the photos and the signs of goodwill from BlipCentral help ease the (relative) pain of losing OldBlip.

But don't get me started on the fact that I have to scroll down to see the whole picture (unless I click on the "enlarge" button, which in fact, and totally counter-intuitively, makes the photo smaller so you can see it whole), or the still-missing thumbnailing (had I said that already?)... I guess that is the negative part of having a new puppy or kitten: you have to train them!

To today's photo: you know the man. Today, he's the star of a triptych. One portrait format, one square, one (this one) landscape.

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