Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Merry Christmas card..

I do like Christmas cards and keeping in touch with friends far away but this is the 2nd year I've sent out our christmas card in an email.....I thought it would save time (and $) and be easy and I'd get it out earlier --ha! - but somehow the last of them just went today and the people for whom I don't have email addresses won't get it til after the 25th.  Sigh.  Of course I ended up writing a lot of personal notes anyway to people I like to keep in touch with once a year- so it's not exactly a quick one button click.    This 1 page goes in our Christmas book where I can see at a glance from the pictures - not many words, not sure you can read them here anyway.  ... just what the highlights of the year are, with some sort of theme....... 

Here I'd like to wish my cherished blip friends a most merry holiday season and every good wish that 2015 brings some hope for peace in the world!

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