Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Making Limpa

Once a year I make bread—only because I can’t find anything just like it to buy.  Swedish Limpa (rye). HERE last year...  This recipe takes overnight to rise and then in the morning  you add the white flour and let rise again… so this is around 8AM…the sun is barely up (see how dark is is out the front window.,…this old Kitchen aid is a TIMESAVER tho -as I’m also making our coffee while it’s mixing, and toasting a bagel…   ( I know , not a time saver like a bread machine would be…but that’s not going to happen..)

Ended up with the girls here this afternoon and the parents could work.. so.. altho I was trying to skip it this year (:-)) we made graham cracker ginger bread houses… in the extra.

The wbc is “timesaver” this week - this is a stretch but probably all I’m going to get ……humm... seems to be a lot of blips of this kitchen counter...

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