Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Notre Dame on Christmas Eve

A friend built this kit model of Notre Dame and having finished her family celebrations, gave it to us…I loved having it for our Christmas Eve table with our Swedish meatballs etc,,,..we could reminisce about the Christmas we spent in Paris and the Christmas Eve inside this magnificent cathedral in 1987, and about cathedrals and flying buttresses and rose windows etc.   Son P was doing a college semester there so we 4 had a great holiday.    We’ll be over at son E’s tomorrow with everyone for brunch…but he saw the model the other night…it just needs a few gargoyles! (like the picture in the background with E in 1987)  When the grandsons saw it, they knew exactly what it was..saying they've flown all over it inside and out....with Assassins Creed-Unity -their game on the Xbox!  (those games aren't all bad!  it's very detailed -they said it took 5 hours to load.. !!and they knew a lot!) Lovely evening……Started with our next door neighbors (the 94 year old and her husband) here for a glass of wine and the herrings and swedish cheese and limpa—it’s a tradition I enjoy and would miss.    And now it’s quiet —- I hope those excited girls manage to get a little sleep tonight, for their parents’ sakes.  I know we will! 

I hope everyone has read blipfuture’s blip… Just yesterday I got an answer to my queries that now we in the US who have been reluctant to use a debit card to donate can now donate with a credit card!   Hurray!   Finally,  But there’s a long way to go to save it….

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