By kamerakazi

The man and his horse

I picked up a Fujifilm F770EXR camera last night. (in case you haven't noticed, I tend to often get new cameras. I use them for a while and then move on to a different camera, except for the Pentax K-01 which I keep and consider my main camera).

The F770 has a really powerful zoom and also has an EXR sensor, such as can also be found on the really good X-10 camera, which I highly recommend! The image quality is not as good as the X-10, due ti the sensor being smaller, but it isn't far behind. The sensor is actually bigger than the one found in the Pentax Q, which is a camera that I loved using and was very satisfied with the image quality. So in other words, I like the F770EXR results and enjoy having it as a point&shoot camera for when I do not want to carry my larger K-01 (hikes, etc.).

I took this shot of a man standing in front of one of the many painted shop doors in Kichijoji. I thought it was interesting the way the horse seemed to be almost as a dream image that he was seeing, an image of power and freedom.

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