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This is my pre-Mono Monday Blip for HOBBY

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As my BlipBio states I have too many hobbies. Most of them involve creating things as can be seen under my ‘Made by Me’ album in Flickr.

Making leaded light windows and sun-catchers has been very satisfying as it has many different skills and stages in the process. It’s basically the same as making stained glass windows except I use coloured or patterned glass and don’t paint them as you see in churches etc.

I haven’t made anything in recent times but here I have mocked up some of the tools I’d use. In the foreground is my glass cutter and at the back the lead cutting knife which doubles up to bang the horseshoe nails into the wooden worktop. The nails hold all the lead and glass together whilst you build up the piece like a jig-saw.

Off cuts of the lead came can be seen with the different types you need, mainly H or U shaped, which lock the glass into place. These are then welded together with solder.

Some of my work can be seen on my website ‘A Pain in the Glass’.



To keep Mono Monday fresh and personal I’m requesting help with hosting. It has become much easier with the new format when using the special mm tagging. 

A host will only need to find one month’s worth of themes and select a number that they like or think stand out.

My current format requires me to:

Announce the next theme & Tag (I do this when I post the previous winners of my Hearts & Stars on a Wednesday)

Post a pre-Mono Monday so that those in the southern hemisphere can post early on Monday. May not be needed if you’re in NZ or Oz.

Keep an eye on the Blips.

Select those you like or feel need highlighting once everyone has had a chance of posting.

The following months are available if you would like a go:

Jan: Skeena

Feb: ………..

Mar: Chantler63

Apr: ………..

If you think you’d like a go then I’ll make sure you have support. If you have any questions please ask or send an email via my website above.

I won’t list the Blippers this week as the MM Gallery does seem to work very well.

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