Rodents rule

By squirk

Art Decophants

I spotted these elephants along Streatham High Road on a visit to the library this lunchtime. This poor road was voted Britain's worst street in 2002. There have been a lot of improvements lately and there are quite a few nice eateries and charity shops. Above the hubbub are some lovely buildings. I hadn't noticed this one before. Look here for a bit more about the building.

This evening was a milestone for me. I had my first lesson in the big swimming pool. I, and the three people who've been learning with me over the past few months, worked with the coach who's been teaching us since September. I'm so pleased that he's our teacher in the big pool, too. There were other folk being taught alongside us, all with other instructors and at different abilities. I was a little scared of being out of my depth, but through a few games in the deep end, that fear lifted. I even swam an entire length and it wasn't difficult. I'm fair chuffed. Roll on next week!

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