How the Dancing Girl Got Her Crown

Note: this scene is a retelling of an event that occurred on Christmas morning, as the Dancing Girl has been wearing her crown for several days now . . .

It was the season of great magic and miracles! And on Christmas morning, who should appear but a magic frog, bearing a tiny silver treasure chest. Everyone gathered around, and the chest was carefully opened to reveal . . . a tiny golden crown inside that shone like the sun.

Of course, one of the red-shirts was the first to pick it up and try it on. And suddenly he began to have delusions of grandeur! "You may call me Good King Wenceslas!" he said. Everybody else looked at each other and rolled their eyes.

But it turns out the crown was a bit too big for him. It covered his eyes and bothered his antennas. Soon it became apparent who the crown was really for: the Dancing Girl!

And so the Dancing Girl put the crown on, and it fit her perfectly, like it was made for her! Suddenly she looked like a princess, or maybe an angel with a golden halo. She felt so fancy, so special . . .

And so the Dancing Girl wore the crown while sitting atop the magic frog and speaking gently to it, asking it about its life. And the frog told tales of faraway places and magic deeds. But the loyal Cat-Steed watched carefully, as everyone knows that magic frogs are not to be trusted!

Soon the magic frog had to leave, so it made its farewells and disappeared back to the magic world from whence it came. And it left behind just one thing: the golden tiara from faraway places of great magic, its special gift to the Dancing Girl who came for Christmas . . .

The song to accompany this image is dedicated to the Dancing Girl: the Bee Gees (plus Andy Gibb), singing You Should Be Dancing!

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