She's Still There

I went back to Big Rock Garden this afternoon to see if the humming birds had hatched yet. They hadn't but the mother was still there sitting on her nest. She's a persistent little thing and still as beautiful as ever. Check out this photo in the large version.

Today was a very busy day. I took Arvin to the dentist at 9 am this morning. He had three hours straight of work to prepare him for a bridge. Poor fellow. I stayed in the office for awhile and then went off to get coffee and gas (for the car, not for me.) Then I went to my morning meeting from 10:30 to noon. It was my last meeting as secretary of the Bellingham Music Club. Hooray! I'm not really in love with being secretary. But I'll still be on the board working on graphic designs and other forms of publicity. It was a really full meeting because it's our last for this season. We don't meet again until August.

I went back to the dentist and picked up Arvin who had just finished getting his work done. He was a bit mumbly because the Novocain hadn't worn off yet. I took him home and headed off to Big Rock Garden to walk and check on the hummer. Our neighbors Nenita and John were there cleaning our house. I was lucky to find out that Nenita did that kind of work and was happy to earn some extra by doing our house. So I don't have to clean myself which I hate to do. ;-)

So it has been a busy day. Now I'm goofing on the computer and relaxing. Have a great day all.

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