How Many?

Some of you know that Mr S and I share a beer and some crackers and cheese for happy hour most evenings. I've saved every bottlecap from these adventures, trying to recreate my vanished childhood collection. Most of them have been pried off very carefully and are nice and smooth and shiny. Who knew they would come in so handy on my Blipday? I think it's safe to say that red is the most popular color,  with a fair number of blues and greens, but I have not found one pink or purple cap. There are many ways to relate to a bottlecap collection: sorting according to various criteria, counting, stacking, arranging, but it is not for everyone. Most folks want to know what I'm going to do with them, as if fondling were not enough. Note, for instance, that 100 bottlecaps weigh 7.4 ounces.

I'm celebrating four lovely BlipYears, and have loved the challenge, the friendships and the photos. I'm so grateful for this site, the connections it fostered and the opportunity it has offered to see fantastic images from all over the world. Big thanks to the Blip staff and to all of my blip buddies for making this a terrific experience. With the recent changes, however, I am rethinking my commitment to Blip. I still want to continue a 365 project, but I am no longer sure this is the site for me. I've been thinking of setting up again on Blogspot, where I kept my journal before I discovered Blipfoto. I still remember how excited I was when I found there was a journal site just for photographers, where the image was the important thing.  Perhaps I'll post in two places for awhile until I see whether any of the bugs here will be worked out. I've got to decide by the New Year, which is fast upon us. Stay tuned.

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