Happy New Year !

Exactly two years ago tonight I made a New Year’s Resolution to keep a daily journal using Blipfoto.  One year ago and Blipping had long since become a significant part of daily life.  Tonight is 730 consecutive entries   and I wanted to summarise the last two years so I decided to take between one and four words from my text written on the first day of each of the last twenty-four months and have written them sequentially that somehow seems to capture the moment. 

Since sadly tomorrow
Joyful captured moment
When it was all over 
Make me think of home.
This long day
Graciously appeared 
Melts memories, colours crown
Constant feeling
Inspired eternity
Solitary roaming 
Bold amidst bridges
saturation glory 
feeling lucky 
no comment today
fragment snapped 
briefly – my father likes poetry
I’ll fly away
Habit lends thoughts
Renovations like before

The all day howling wind and vicious icy rain has swept and washed the college campus clean of yesterday’s snow. I hope the feral cats are safe tonight as I sit in my lofty attic apartment where the roaring gale is whipping the rain in syncopated rhythms on the windows in a vicious chorus. It is a wild welcome to 2015.


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