By FlyingPRGal

2015 - What's your flavour?

It's the first day of a new year and my first Blipfoto entry. Inspired by my journalist pal Carscribe Sue Baker's Blipfoto blog over the past year I've decided to post my own daily musings. Hopefully it will entertain some of you - I never take myself too seriously - but if nothing else it will keep me motivated to write more.

Before the memories of 2014 are discarded with the Christmas leftovers, I'm thinking about what has made the past year special for me as I tuck into a delicious New Year's Day brunch prepared by my bro-in-law Sunday.

As usual the flavours fill me with contentment as every meal Sunday serves is prepared with effortless skill and love. This gets me thinking about the themes and flavours of 2014, which were filled with the love of family and friendship.

Some of those closest to me experienced health issues, while others had difficult times finding work or like me had the stress of selling property but in the end it was the love of family and friendship that got us through. So as we embark on a new year, I wonder what flavour 2015 will behold for us all? I hope a tasty, exhilarating and memorable one...I'm excited, are you?

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