Cheeky chappy

This cheeky kookaburra was laughing at us from a tree above our tent. He didn't seem to worry at all that I was directly underneath it, pointing my long lens in his direction; he was more inquisitive than anything.

We had a good lie in this morning, followed by a drive up to find some firewood (Mr B brought his chainsaw with him) and a bit of a stroll. Mr Barking showed us where Tunnel Bend was and he and Little Miss took a walk through the tunnel, while Cousteau and I took the long way round.

A beautiful day, weatherwise and a quiet and contemplative one for us all. 

It's good to find some peace and quiet when we know that as soon as our holiday is over, life will rev up a notch and will be crazy busy with a new home and a new job for me.

Our trip starts here.

~The Barkings~

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