The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

New Years Eve Party Popping People

The first blip of 2015, and the year was barely five minutes old!

Happy New Year everybody!

It was very late to bed last night (this morning), me and my brother didn't stumble up the stairs until 4am!

It was an excellent night. The takeaway was awesome from Mouchak (it was bedlam in there last night), everyone enjoyed themselves, and there weren't too many sore heads this morning.

New Years Day always seems a bit of a waste of a day. By the time we all got up and showered and going it was almost getting dark again!

The house seemed quiet and empty after everyone had left, and I always feel a little bit flat. Suddenly you have a bit of gap in your life as all the running around and organising for the festive period is done and dusted, and we have to start looking forward to getting life back to normal again.

Christmas always has one last twist in the tail for our family, as dad's birthday is on the 4th .. so we still have one last hurrah to look forward too!

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