my little eye

By clarebeme

The end is nigh

The holidays are nearly over and as a last hurrah we went into town. First to the British Museum to see a fascinating small exhibition of drawings and paintings of witches through the centuries. There were some exquisite drawings and etchings by the likes of Goya and Dürer, but wow, it was shocking to see how women have been feared and reviled over the centuries - they were clearly the object of hatred in these artworks: devils incarnate.

I really recommend it as it's a powerful, thought-provoking exhibition and also a great way to see the work of a variety of highly skilled artists in one room. It finishes next weekend though so get your skates on if you fancy it...

And then from the sublime to the ridiculous - on to see Paddington at the Everyman pop-up cinema in Selfridges basement. Thoroughly good British family film viewed in opulent surroundings. The only trouble is that watching from comfi sofas, sipping pop and munching popcorn (that we took in ourselves) from private side tables has given the girls a taste of the highlife...

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