Denzil's occasional Blips

By denzilblount

Fuzzy self-image (365 mono #136)

Self-portrait taken with my Canon EOS 550d using a LensBaby Composer Pro with Sweet35 optic.

I set up a Pinterest account today for my photography interest.  I had an account previously, but never really found a use for it.  However, I have quite enjoyed browsing through the photography 'pins' today and must confess that I borrowed this idea from one of the discoveries.  Mine is nothing at all like the original (I am nowhere near that artistic), but at least I managed to focus the LensBaby on the section of the mirror frame that I was aiming for.

Update:  I edited a second photo from the series and actually prefer it.  It has had some Photoshop treatment though.  I posted to the Blippers Community Overspill group on Flikr.

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