By Memories4Me

The Calm Before the Storm

Dear Diary,

Sometimes there is a particular quality to the light as a storm front is approaching.  The water in this lake has stiffened and begun to form ice and that created an especially lovely effect with the reflections.

This wee island sometimes has bald eagles resting in the trees but not today.  It seemed to float in a perfect, calm serenity.  It was a lovely thing to behold.  I was reminded of some Chinese ink paintings for some reason.  Maybe it was the solitary quality and the large open spaces.

The lake is divided by a causeway from which I made this photograph.  On this side is was pure serenity; on the other, riotous joy as people skated and slid on the ice.  Maybe it was this yin/yang sort of feeling that drew my mind to China.  We need both in our lives, serenity and is all about balance.

The way to do is to be. - Lao Tzu

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