By hockeystorm65

It's only a number!

......but it took and entire year!

Well, here I am, one year older.....a little wiser...and hopefully a little bit better photographer?

It has been a different year, and one that I will look back on with fond memories and glad to see the back equal measure. Still, it is the year that i found Blipfoto (the original version) and have JBrownie to thank for both the introduction and the inspiration to turn my life upside down all because of a photo journal.

Not sure about the next year......still waiting to see if Blipfoto central ever acknowledge the desire of so many of it's members for a background other than white.......(UX guys please is in your hands!).....but I do love the Blip folks, the banter, and the feedback coming from the community on here.

Anyway, here is a year........looking forward to getting my yearbook!


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