2011 photo resolution

By karenanya

Hard goodbyes

Went to Body Pump after a break over Christmas. I'm already beginning to seize up. 

After lunch, we started putting number two son's things together ready to drive him back to university. He has a week of revision and then his first set of exams after that. We gathered together his clothes, electrical bits and pieces and some food and filled the boot of the car. 

We set off at around two and arrived just after three with the gloom and fog rolling in. After a quick unload, we had to say goodbye again. It is always horrible leaving them and just driving off. It is still a new experience with son number two. We had to do it many times with son number one and got more used to it. After a big hug, I went back to the car and took this photo. I could see the light in his window in the accommodation block. Tears wiped, I headed back to the motorway and the joy that is the M25. I hope that he'll have a good term. 

When I got back, husband was dismantling the tumble drier which seems to have expired. Not the best time of year to be without one but at least we got son number two's stuff dry and ironed for him to take back to Uni first.

Work again tomorrow. Should be quiet still as our students don't come back until next weekend. 

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