Morning Light

It was back to my usual walking route this morning….  Fergus the dog and I were out very early and the day was already warm.  The light was lovely on Meadowbank Station and distant hills.  This is an area that I photograph frequently and thus the images appear on Blipfoto.  I never get tired of this environment.   When it comes to the light no two days are the same.
There are wildflowers galore at present despite the dry weather conditions.  The pile of rocks in the foreground was removed from the land over the fence when it was being prepared for the planting of the vines.  The land adjacent to the Taylor River was once riverbed itself hundreds if not thousands of years ago and is very stony.  The stones and rocks were picked up by vineyard workers and moved to several areas along the river tracks. Helped along with irrigation, the stony ground seems to produce excellent grape crops and thus world class wines.  The vines over the fence were planted only a few months ago and are already putting out excellent growth.

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